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Change Your Health Habits for the Good

Come and practice well-being with us!

I love how practicing well-being makes me feel good & my wish is for you to feel good too! 

What most of us need to be well is each other. Yes, we need motivation, inspiration, information, and consistency to develop new health & wellness habits too.

But, what we mostly need to stay or get well is love, support, accountability, and most of all, community. 

"Connection is the currency of well-being."  John Travis

Join us for daily support in the form of community.  Experience group wellness coaching & accountability, and wellness classes too on your personal journey to well-being! 

The My Daily Well™ monthly subscription topics include:  daily/weekly community, questions, coaching, motivations & inspirations to help you discover, develop, & strengthen new and more sustainable health and wellness habits.

We also cover topics like food, nutrition, energy, sleep, stress, self-care, movement, fitness, body positivity, gratitude, getting in shape, mental health, mindfulness, confidence, goal-setting, positive psychology, etc.

Bonus exclusive content in the My Daily Well™ subscription includes live topics & coaching, chronic illness support, podcast interviews, mind-body classes, & meditation (how-to & guided). Mind-body classes include yoga, Barre, kid's and family yoga too!

You can do this!

We will cover anything and everything related to getting and keeping you well on a daily basis. Lifestyle medicine is powerful! Your daily practice of well-being & the power of community are even more powerful!

Subscribe to My Daily Well™ for daily motivation, inspiration, and information on how to live a healthy lifestyle!  Join us in My Daily Well™ for a deeper dive into how to get and stay well!  Experience the power of daily community & bonus exclusive coaching and wellness classes!

Do you need specialized help? 

We have several specialized groups inside My Daily Well™ you can join for more exclusive & deeper support.

The group inside My Daily Well™ - The Energy Coach™ - helps people who wish to improve energy levels specifically. Learn tactics to improve your energy at work, at home, and in Life! Whether your goal of more energy is work-related or wellness-related, this group is for you.  While our primary focus is on how to improve energy for more success & productivity, we will touch upon burnout, chronic fatigue, and even CFS and other chronic conditions as well.  This group offers live & recorded group coaching sessions.

We offer another group - The Wellness Coach™ - inside My Daily Well™ where you can experience the power and affordability of dedicated group wellness coaching too in live and recorded group coaching sessions. Get the deeper, more personalized support you need to solidify new health & wellness habits!

VIP exclusive 1-1 wellness coaching is also available in 3, 6, or 9 month packages. Please contact Edie - your host - inside My Daily Well™ for information on how to sign up!

Take a deeper dive into what it takes to be well and thrive.  Live instruction included to augment your learning experience! 

Whether you're seeking to start or improve health habits, follow through on health or wellness recommendations, or get deeper support and information on living well with a chronic condition, this specialized community and premium groups can help you to improve your well-being and quality of life.

Health is a Habit™! Join us today in My Daily Well™ start your new, daily journey to well-being! Take inspired action today!

Join us now and get started today!

Why You Should Join

Harness the triple power of community, wellness coaching & wellness classes! 

Get deep support in changing and developing health & wellness habits.

Learn new skills and theories of well-being! Address stress, sleep, energy, food, fitness, mental health, and much more!

Benefit from live & on-demand health & wellness classes like Barre, yoga (including kid's & family) & meditation.

Change Your Life for Good! Grow, Thrive, & Transform

Get the deep support, motivation, inspiration, and information to thrive!

Wellness Ambassadors are rewarded too! Invite people to join our wellness community & get valuable bonuses! 

Bonuses include Edie's comprehensive book on wellness & 1-1 VIP coaching.

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